in the rain

Did you know That blood stains But so does honey                     Did you know                     That wherever you run                     A road always leads to home     Did you know That hope is like A firefly                 Did you know... Continue Reading →


To Boddah,     We haven’t talked in a while, But i miss you. We used to talk Back when i believed in things. Back when everything had a reason. When I said so much, Just trying to get it right. Maybe I asked all the wrong questions. Maybe they just didn’t have answers. Why did... Continue Reading →

used to be

Outside your window, lightning strikes the tree you would climb as a child. Its gaudy boughs Charred and delicate like the tip of a match And you see it now, as it was before the ties and the office buildings. Used to be, we bathed in the sun Used to be you played in the... Continue Reading →


He was stranded. Lost. Dragged so far out to sea his screams became the waves. The paradox of salt. Black. Suffocating. Parching. The presence of matter. It didn’t matter. Or wasn’t mattering. In the blue, The boy had lost his feet. But they didn’t matter. The sky did. Like a sapphire halo around his head.... Continue Reading →

A Flood of Recollection

Thousands of miles away from home, you crouch in the attic with a hunger so urgent you have no choice but to salvage the dead rats in the corner. With your hands, the stench of old and rotted flesh parts with their frail, decaying hides. While the water swirls into a stale pool in the... Continue Reading →

Flowers: A poem from 7th grade me

Like the first flowers of spring, I watched life bloom before my eyes. With each and every flower, All the more beautiful than the last. I strode around the fields in the early dew, Gathering buds and blossoms in my arms, I wanted each and every one. In their rigid stems, I saw stability, faith,... Continue Reading →

I love you

The first time I fell in love, I fell so hard it didn’t hurt. The smiling numbness, and all-time high. And I kept climbing, up and up and up into oblivion, Into heaven. Blinded by the lights of now, And the never ending loop of infinity. Till three words changed my life forever Three words... Continue Reading →

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