To Boddah,

    We haven’t talked in a while,

But i miss you. We used to talk

Back when i believed in things.

Back when everything had a reason.

When I said so much,

Just trying to get it right.

Maybe I asked all the wrong questions.

Maybe they just didn’t have answers.

Why did I choose the needle? Why not Francis

or Courtney?

Maybe I should’ve chosen myself.

I guess everyone needs saving. It just depends on How they need to be saved,

Because I wanted to love the all the right things,

But very few of those loved me back

Like the needle did. And to that,

I resigned myself. It must be true,

That no man can fully love others,

If he doesn’t fully love himself.

I was the misunderstood voice of a generation.

Who thought it better to burn out

In a brilliant blaze of  gunpowder and discontent

Than for the flame to burn on


Forgive me

Peace, Love,



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